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Yard for Selling and Rent

  • May 10, 2022


Yard for selling and rending 3.5 floors with judiciary documents (قباله شرعی), left-hand side, at 10th street Taimani and Kolola Poshta, Kabul, Afghanistan.

Yard Details:
Number of rooms: 9
Number of washrooms: 6
Number of kitchens: 5
Area: 300 sq. meter
Documents: judiciary (قباله شرعی)
Apartment Details:
The apartment has been built on 3.5 floors using high-quality materials underground and has the capacity of 6 vehicles parking in the yard
Total rent amount 850$ (Eight hundred and fifty USD only)
Total sell amount 295000$ (two lakh and ninety-five thousand USD only)
Serial Number: 0122
For more details:
Mobile & what’s up: 0770222220 | 0730222220


Last Updated On:May 10th, 2022 at 11:14 am
Property ID:PT-2055-AXZ0
Property Type:Houses
Price: $ 295,000.0

$ 295,000.0

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